Batman: Hush PDF

The Spirit is a 2007 one-shot comic book written by Jeph Loeb with art by Darwyn Batman: Hush PDF and J. You can help by adding to it. When the American Criminologist Association holds its annual convention, America’s criminals hold a gathering of their own. Batman’s rogue gallery joins forces with the Spirit’s villains.

Författare: Jeph Loeb.

Der Bestseller von Jeph Loeb und Jim Lee, der Batman gegen seine schlimmsten Feinde antreten ließ und mit Hush einen seiner erbittertsten neuen Gegner einführte! Jetzt im Softcover-Format in zwei Bänden!

The Spirit won the 2007 Eisner Award for Best Single Issue. The Spirit and his The Spirit ongoing series which followed. The Spirit is included in the trade paperback Will Eisner’s The Spirit, Vol. 2007 Eisner Awards Shine Spotlight on Comic Industry’s Best“.

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