Attack on Titan: Volume 04 PDF

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Författare: Hajime Isayama.

Part of an epic manga series featuring the remnants of humanity battling monstrous giants.

Said has a dark brown spot on the lower left side of his neck. 100,000 for information leading directly to the arrest of Yaser Abdel Said. Remarks: Said’s physical features may vary in order to conceal his identity. He always wears dark sunglasses, both indoors and outside.

Said was born in Egypt and may seek shelter in communities with Egyptian ties. He frequents Denny’s and IHOP restaurants and smokes Marlboro Lights 100s cigarettes. Said has ties to New York, Texas, Virginia, Canada, and Egypt. Said loves dogs, especially tan- and black-colored German Shepherds. Caution: Yaser Abdel Said is wanted for his alleged involvement in the murders of his two teenaged daughters. The girls died of multiple gunshot wounds on January 1, 2008, in Irving, Texas.

The main protagonist of the series who, after witnessing his mother being devoured by a Titan, dedicates his life to their eradication. After graduating fifth in his cadet class, he is swallowed by a bearded Titan during his first mission in Trost. Titan who fights other Titans on equal ground. Mikasa is Eren’s childhood friend who was taken in by his family. She is a quiet and withdrawn girl and maintains a stoic expression except when it comes to her friends, and has been seen to go berserk when Eren is at risk. When Mikasa’s parents were killed by slave traders, she went into shock until Eren saves her and motivates her to fight back. Armin is Eren’s childhood friend who joins him in the Scouts to order to make a meaningful difference in the world, and to fulfill his dream of seeing the outside world.

Reiner is a member of Marleyan military’s Warrior branch who infiltrated Paradis to seek out the one who possesses the Coordinate. He is introduced as the second-best student of the 104th Training Corps, where is described by his instructor as strong as an ox, and able to earn the trust of his comrades, but is motivated his desire of returning to his home. Great Titan War and hosts refugees mainly consist of ethnic Eldians. The military within the Walls is divided into three divisions: the Garrison Regiment, the Survey Corps, and the Military Police Brigade. It is commanded by Darius Zackly, the premier of the government. Applicants into the Military are first required to enter the Training Corps, after which they are allowed to join one of the three divisions.

Darius is the commander-in-chief of the military. He first appears at Eren’s tribunal where he assigns Eren to the Survey Corps. After it was shown that the nobles would abandon the people of Wall Rose should it be breached by Titans, he pledges to support Erwin’s plan to overthrow the monarchy. In the Japanese anime, he is voiced by Hideaki Tezuka. Only the top ten graduates can apply to the Military Police Brigade, giving them the privilege of living in the Inner District. The other graduates can only choose between joining the Survey Corps or the Garrison Regiment.

It was active during the years 847 through 850 when the remaining recruits graduated. In the manga, the top ten cadets were listed by their individual ranks, but in the anime, the top ten are recognized as a group, along with Armin and Ymir. The instructor who is in charge of the training of the 104th Corps recruits. His face and head are cleanly shaven except for a patch of beard beneath his chin.