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This tutorial explains the key concepts of SAP ABAP. Audience SAP ABAP is a high level language that is primarily used to develop enterprise application for large business and financial institution on ABAP Objects PDF platform. This tutorial is designed for those who want to learn the basics of SAP ABAP and advance in the field of software development. SQL to make the most of this tutorial.

Författare: Frank Wolf.
Die objektorientierte Programmierung findet immer stärkere Anwendung im SAP-Kernsystem ERP, sodass sich Applikationen mit völlig neuen Möglichkeiten realisieren lassen. Dieses Praxisbuch vermittelt Grundkenntnisse in der objektorientierten Programmierung, zeigt aber auch deren Einsatzgebiete in zahlreichen detaillierten Beispielen.
Kernpunkte sind dabei:
– Betriebwirtschaftlichen Anwendungen
– Dialogprogrammierung mit Controls
– Realisierung von Frameworks zur Dialogverarbeitung
– Office-Integration z.B. mit Word und Excel
– Nutzung von Object Services
– Shared Objects
– XML-Erzeugung und Verarbeitung / Webservices
– Einblick in Web-Dynpro (ABAP)
Der Release-Stand ist mySAP Enterprise 6.20 bis ERP 2005 (WAS 7.00).
Das Buch wendet sich an Entwickler, die bereits Erfahrungen in der klassischen ABAP-Programmierung haben, und nun die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten der objektorientierten Programierung kennen lernen möchten sowie an Experten, die ihre ABAP-OO-Kenntnisse vertiefen und die Neuerungen seit Release 4.6 kennen lernen möchten.

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2, a platform that enabled large corporations to build mainframe business applications for materials management and financial and management accounting. The language was geared towards more technical customers with programming experience. 3 system, which SAP first released in 1992. As computer hardware evolved through the 1990s, more and more of SAP’s applications and systems were written in ABAP. By 2001, all but the most basic functions were written in ABAP. ABAP has an abstraction between the business applications, the operating system and database.

All ABAP programs reside inside the SAP database. All SAP data exists and all SAP software runs in the context of a SAP system. A SAP system contains at least one instance but may contain more, mostly for reasons of sizing and performance. These layers may run on the same or on different physical machines. The database layer contains the relational database and the database software. The application layer knowledge contains the instance or instances of the system. ABAP software is deployed in software components.

SAP_BASIS is the required technical base layer which is required in every ABAP system. SAP_ABA contains functionalities which is required for all kinds of business applications, like business partner and address management. SAP_UI provides the functionality to create SAP UI5 applications. SAP ABAP is an ERP programming language. A transaction in SAP terminology is the execution of a program. Transactions can be called via system-defined or user-specific, role-based menus.