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Caesarius von Arelate siehe übersetzung antiker Literatur PDF Ps. Aulus Cornelius Celsus siehe auch Ps.

Författare: Martin S. Harbsmeier.
Although Antiquity itself has been intensively researched, together with its reception, to date this has largely happened in a compartmentalized fashion. This series presents for the first time an interdisciplinary contextualization of the productive acquisitions and transformations of the arts and sciences of Antiquity in the slow process of the European societies constructing a scientific system and their own cultural identity, a process which started in the Middle Ages and has continued up to the Modern Age.
The series is a product of work in the Collaborative Research Centre "Transformations of Antiquity" and the "August Boeckh Centre of Antiquity" at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Their individual projects examine transformational processes on three levels in particular – the constitutive function of Antiquity in the formation of the European knowledge society, the role of Antiquity in the genesis of modern cultural identities and self-constructions, and the forms of reception in art, literature, translation and media.
new transdisciplinary series
the editors are prominent professors from different disciplines at the Humboldt University of Berlin
strengthens de Gruyter’s profile in Classical Studies, Medieval Studies, Intellectual History

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The ISSN of the JSCS is 2325-4793. The first 43 volumes of the Journal are available online in PDF format. In addition to the contents listed below, each volume before Volume 36 also contains a treasurer’s report, a record of work published or in progress, and other news and notes. Septuagintaforschung in Schweden, Dänemark und Norwegen.

The LXX of the Law of Deposit in Exodus 22:6-14. Different Literary Editions in 2 Sam 10-12. Wright III, The Letter of Aristeas. Laurence Vianès, Naissance de la Bible grecque. Interaction between Lexical Innovation and Morphemic Analysis in the Septuagint? Der Psalter als Weg des Aufstiegs.

Johnson, Reading David and Goliath in Greek and Hebrew. Siegfried Kreuzer, The Bible in Greek: Translation, Transmission, and Theology of the Septuagint. Studien zur lateinischen Bibel zu Ehren von Roger Gryson. Mariachiara Fincati, The Medieval Revision of the Ambrosian Hexateuch. Critical Editing between Septuaginta and Hebraica Veritas in Ms. Minutes: IOSCS General Business Meeting, Boston, MA, Nov.